I’m An Adult Tweeter!

May 31, 2010 · 4 comments

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Everyone who got to know me on Twitter knows that I just love Twitter!
I love how I meet new people every day and how everyone just simply talks to everyone. It is like another universe and in my eyes it is a beautiful one. It made me a better person and everyday I learn so many new things that it amazes me. I wonder if I would have ever got to know all these things if there was no twitter.com.
You see I don’t watch the news on television because it is just a bunch of bad news. They never say that there were no wars, no deaths and no accidents. I wonder how many people would call CNN if the Breaking news would be that 50 people had a fantastic day and three cats have been rescued from trees and are unharmed…
But I didn’t want to write about happy people on the news… I have read more breaking news, weird stories and follow up stories of breaking news then ever before in my life.
Thank you twitter! And thank you for all of you who are doing a fantastic job sharing all these tweets so that I can read them.
Twitter made me a gadget and tech freak and I enjoy social media on a total new level.

But for me twitter is about the people and I have met so many incredible people that I can not count them anymore. I have found some incredible friends and I deeply care about them. Today I learned how much… In the morning I was tweeting back and forth with a few people and I read on my timeline something that made it clear that three of my twitter friends are or were battling cancer. Of one I knew, the other two I didn’t. My world stopped. Just like that I started crying. I actually left my laptop because I could not deal with this information. I logged off. Drank coffee and logged back on and spoke to these three people in DM. I recover quickly but it still showed me that the friends and emotions are real even if I never huged one of them in real life.
A similar thing happened to me a few days before. A friend lost her pet. My heart stopped, I checked her tweets and then I knew it really happened. I was devasteted. I got to know her pet from tweets and from her blog and that animal became real for me. And when it left, my pain was real too. I cried for so long and that day I had no real desire to tweet. I logged off for most of the day.

But I also learned to laugh again on twitter. I was stuck in my head and in life a while back and I lost my happy, cheerful and naughty nature. Slowly and cautiously I spoke to people in the beginning of my twitter journey and suddenly I met that one person that made me laugh like crazy! with a few tweets he got me out of my shell and back into my personality. It happened so fast I forgot to breath. I thank that person deeply and even if I’m not as special to him has he is to me, I’m thankful to be his friend.

And today my experience on Twitter was completed somewhat. I had a public timeline fight.

Yeah me… the happy cheerful constantly laughing my ass off me. It wasn’t a very loud fight but it disturbed me deeply for a moment. In fact I immediately ran to a friend in DM to survive it. It was a civil fight and it was over after a few tweets and we decided that we follow one another again and start afresh. All good… Somewhat. But it ruined my day a bit.

But now I’m a fully grown adult tweeter from this day on and I shall enjoy this. It is a bit like turning 21 in the States. :-)
Let’s party! ;-p

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