I am a Muslim Therefore Don’t Panik

March 21, 2010 · 6 comments

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I am a demon when i look at myself in the mirror
I am a human being when i cry deep in my inner
I am God’s Finest creation, I am his Masterpiece his Wonder
I am the ultimate equality in this balanced nature
I am all of us, I am he , you, she, I am them
I am that love and wisdom chanted in the coran as an anthem
I am a love soldier, a peace conquerer
I am exactly what you think I am, not a killer
I am what is the real manifest of life, a writer, a Dancer
See? I am as human as you my Friend, A muslim Brother
I am the Modesty when I face arrogance
I am all Love when I face hatered
I am benignity when I face wickedness
I am a muslim therefore my mission is success
I am a muslim therefore I am not that weak
I am a muslim therefore don’t panik

Barryck Rifki March 21st 2010

7.14 am

Morocco Fes


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